I consider the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki possibly the worst moral crime in US history. 200.000 people killed and countless thousands maimed for life-- the innocent civilian populations of those cities decimated..

I was on the Western front in the American army of liberation of Europe when the news broke of the bombings, having witnessed the infamous death camps of the Nazi's and their many crimes first hand. I literally broke down when I heard about these actions of Truman--while all of my comrades were cheering, I asked what could possibly be the moral justification for these dastard deeds. That it would shorten the war we were told and thus save American lives--hardly a sufficient reason. They could have detonated the bombs first on uninhabited atols in the Pacific, notifying the Japanese of our new weapon and enabling them to surrender before the bombs were used on entire civilians populations. These acts were among the most heinous in human history, by a democracy no less, which believed in human rights. Humanists should mark that event in protest and remorse ....Paul Kurtz










Institute for Science and Human Values